A reclusive, introverted screenwriter with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry is pushed out of her comfort zone by her extroverted best friend.

Directed by Chad Eric Smith

Written by Tiffany Yancey





Produced by A.T.Yancey Entertainment and Lady Love Productions, in association with MisterDuke Productions, The Introvert Life is the semiautobiographical brainchild of screenwriter Tiffany Yancey. The comedy pilot already has an audience of over 128K fans via the official Instagram account of the same name.


Tiffany Yancey

Lynia Love

Patrick Bean

Logan Jenkins

Yarral Spragley

Alexander "Majical" Morgan

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As a filmmaker with a degree in psychology, I always attempt to work on projects that explore, in one way or another, the human mind and behavior. Every film genre allows for this exploration. However, comedy may be the most blatant way to do it. It's also the most fun way. In the comedic pilot for The Introvert Life, written by Tiffany Yancey, we explore the topic of introversion and how that basic personality style effects the protagonist's relationships and her creative ambitions. 

A semiautobiographical story, The Introvert Life follows April Clark, a reclusive, introverted screenwriter, with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry, who is pushed out of her comfort zone by her extroverted best friend. According to Psychology Today, "Introverts do not fear or dislike others, and they are neither shy nor plagued by loneliness." This is true of April. She simply has an inward orientation to her own mental life rather than the outward orientation of extroverts to social life. She gains her energy from reflection and she loses energy in social gatherings. Her best friend, Dee-Dee, on the other hand, is outgoing and draws her energy from being with other people. When these two get together, hilarity ensues and I am confident millions of people can relate to this dynamic. 

Audiences will love this creative, sidesplitting comedy and as the end credits begin to scroll, they will undoubtedly answer a question made famous by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung:

Are you Team Introvert or Team Extrovert?

~ Chad Eric Smith